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OpenGL Renderer

An OpenGL renderer playground written in C++.

This project is used to test out different rendering techniques and to learn more about OpenGL. The project is written in C++17 and uses the OpenGL API to render graphics to the screen. I am mostly using this project for myself as a nice environment to learn more about graphics programming.

C++17, OpenGL, GLEW, GLFW, GLM, stb, imgui, Assimp & CMake
First commit on January 1, 2022
A playground for OpenGL

A playground for OpenGL

The application contains functionality to render 2d and 3d scenes. This image contains a demo of a scene with a skybox using cubemaps, a 3d model using Assimp, basic lighting and some UI using ImGUI. For the future I am planning on creating a full editor to change the scene during runtime.