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Wase Engine

A selfmade 2D gaming engine, written in C++

Wase Engine is an open source 2d game library made with C++ and OpenGL. Wase Engine can be used to create all kinds of 2d games. The main goal for Wase Engine is to give you the tools you need for creating games while keeping as much control and customization as possible.

The engine is built on top of OpenGL, which means that it is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Google Test is used for unit testing and the repository is set up with GitHub Actions so that the code is always being checked if it compiles on all platforms and passes all tests.

C++17, OpenGL, GLEW, GLFW, Google Test, spdlog & CMake
First commit on March 24, 2021
Entirely documented on the Wase Engine website

Entirely documented on the Wase Engine website

I've also created a website dedicated to Wase Engine. The Wase Engine website is connected to the open source documentation of Wase Engine that is hosted on GitHub. When the documentation gets updated in the repository, the website will change automatically.

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